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Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List

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Diet Bet

Where does the month go??? I realized suddenly it has been a few weeks since I last posted. Boy, has this been a crazy one. I drowned myself in debt, I got a puppy, I still have a part time job, I rarely get to workout, oh, and I signed up for Diet Bet

If you haven’t heard of Diet Bet before, you put up some of your own money into a “pot”, and you get that back plus a portion of the others in your pot who did not meet their goal weight IF you meet your’s. I’m supposed to lose over 6 pounds!! That is a helluva lot for me, so we will see. I hit week one out of 4 yesterday, and so far so good. I’m keeping calories under 1900, usually during the week around 1400, and making sure to try to hit or get really close to all of my macros. 

Exercise has been minimal though. I never have time. I work 8-4, have at least a half hour commute each way, then I either have my camera class, my part-time job, trying to still get our new apartment together, and then there is Louie! This puppy takes all of my attention, and you can’t really work out with a puppy, haha. Their big adventure is a walk around the apartment community. 

What are some of my biggest concern in life right now?

– Career Choice: I still have no idea what I want to do, or if where I am is right for me

– Eating: I always find it hard to find balance; it makes me crazy

– Being anti-social: I want to be more active, but I always just seem so tired and unwilling to interact with people

– Apartment: We still have a lot of work to do to get it where I want

– Working out: It just hasn’t been happening

– Money: Puppy + Furnishing and apartment = debt

I’m trying to dive into the above, so we will see how it goes. But for now, I’ll leave you with a little picture of Lou dog!! Yes, I know it is dark…. I’m working on it, that’s why I’m in photo class 🙂



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Part-Time Ups and Downs

It’s 4pm on a Tuesday. I am tired from being up with my puppy for the night, getting up early, and actually having to look pulled together at my 8-4 where I am seemingly one of the youngest in the office. Driving home, all I want to do is crawl into bed and snuggle with the pup and boyfriend for the night. 

But wait…

There is this other thing I have to head to tonight. My part-time job. 

In May of this year, I decided I wanted to make a little extra income and also bump up my wardrobe by applying for a part-time sales position at LOFT, the women’s clothing store. I worked retail in the past, so I knew what I was getting myself into. Before you decide to take on the added responsibility of another job, here are a few pros and cons to think of:


  • Extra income! I work approximately 2-3 shifts a week, totaling about $70-100 a week in extra income
  • Meeting people my age. This is a big plus for me. It is a fun environment, and I do enjoy my coworkers.
  • Exercise. You’re up on your feet, you MUST be burning some sort of calories (about 130/hour)
  • The whammy: DISCOUNTS!! Trust me, they’re pretty good. 


  • Debt: I spend just about all that I make on clothes there. I also have a credit card, so if I leave my cards at home, I can still look up my account and use it. I pay this card off first since it is the only debt that accumulates interest for me currently. 
  • Time: Going to another job after your previous 8 hour job isn’t the most fun. I get tired
  • Customers: Some have NO respect for other people, areas, etc… There is such a difference in each individual. The way you treat the store says a lot about you as a person. It’s funny how that works… 

Have you thought about getting a part-time job, whether it is a solo endeavor or something a little more structured like mine? Any funny retail stories to share – I know there are plenty!!

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It’s About That Time

I haven’t blogged in forever, yup, again. It seems to be cyclical. When I want or need to talk about something, it comes out. Usually when I am swayed by emotional extremes or big changes in life, the most influential times. 

Well, it’s one of those times. BIG changes. I think I talked about starting to date Dave on this site… maybe. Well, we moved in together the beginning of this month. Big step #1. It’s been a great transition! I am so happy we took the plunge. Debate as you will about it being before marriage/being engaged, etc… but don’t cloud my sunny day. I think it was a great step and one we both were VERY excited about

End of February I changed jobs! I had been working in my old position for almost 3 years at a graphic design agency. I was over it… it became too monotonous and the growth I wanted and needed was not there. I’ve since switched to working in telecom as an entry level business analyst, and still figuring my way around. Finding your strengths in a new company, position and industry is really hard! Big step #2

Finally, WE GOT A PUPPY!! Meet Louie, he has his own hashtag #LovinLouieDog

Yes, the singer from Sublime had a Dalmatian named Louie, and we loosely named him after that Louie, but really, we loved the name and it suits him perfectly!! (PS, the song goes “Livin’ with Louie dog is the only way to stay sane”) He is so goofy and definitely hard-headed. He is a handful, but we love him to pieces already. He is an 8 week old lab mix we adopted from Labrador Friends of the South. We’re not sure what he is mixed with yet, but he won’t be too big judging from his current size, maybe 45-50 pounds. Perfect for our little apartment and snuggle time 🙂 Big step #3

I’m excited about posting more. It is going to be random, and maybe highlight some personal finance/dog/photography as those seem to be my hobbies these days… along with attempting to balance a healthy lifestyle. 


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I liked Bush, Chevelle and Filter in my high school days when I thought I was rebellious and could be cool by listening to something other than the Top 40 Billboard Hits of the time. Mind you, I was a cheerleader, captain of the track team, and deathly afraid of receiving a detention slip. Rebellious…not quite. But, I never attended a concert. It wasn’t my style, and frankly, I thought the crowd would be pretty rough around the edges. I’ll stick to my personal bubble, thanks.

Well, I’ve pushed myself a bit out of my comfort zone since my high school days, and I found myself at a Taproot concert Saturday night. It wasn’t because I was a Taproot fan or anything along those lines, but because my boyfriend was opening for them! The fans started piling into the Masquerade’s “Hell” stage in Atlanta and it was quite the scene. It consisted of your typical black clothing and tattooed crowd, along with the occasional shirtless dude in a kilt. I try to blend, wearing all black and a faux leather jacket. Tonight should be fun.


Dave’s band took the stage first and put on a great show, one of the best I have seen from them yet! Their cover of “Danger Zone” got the crowd amped, and they only added to the atmosphere by sporting some aviator sunglasses on stage. I was excited for them with the crowd’s reaction!

I guess all my faking turned into a real enjoyment of the atmosphere of the rock culture. Who can help but headband along when you see other fans destroying brains cells like it’s nobody’s business? My neck was sore the next morning, but I had SO much fun! We also were able to meet some of the Taproot members, which was a pretty cool perk, and one you’ll only find at smaller shows. As for the mosh pit… I tried to stay away from that one. Apparently the guy in the kilt was a pro wrestler. Yeah…I’ll save my body further injury for now.


Do you have a favorite local band, or have you discovered new music by attending another band’s concert? There are some great local groups that have a small fan following out there – I suggest listening up for them, and maybe you’ll get to interact and meet them before they become the next “up and coming” superstar.

Keep moshing my friends,


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Another Knee Problem

This isn’t my first time with knee pain, or posting about it, but I thought people should be informed and maybe this post will help someone who feels the same thing.

I’m very active, and I love to accomplish new fitness and health goals. Not HUGE things all the time, but things that are meaningful for me. But, some things can get in the way for people like me, and the biggest for me is injury. I’ve self-diagnosed myself with patellar tendonitis, which leaves the bottom/front of your knee in constant pain. Things I avoid thanks to it:

  • Running
  • Lower body weight training
  • Jumping
  • Walking down stairs
  • Standing for extended periods of time
  • Dancing

That is not ok. I am 25 – I should be able to do all of these things without a second thought. I was a long distance runner just over a year ago, I was training lower body constantly, I was a cheerleader for a large portion of my life, and I go out with friends a lot, which usually involves standing and dancing. I’ve been cautious about doing all of these – that’s pretty crappy.

So, I’ve been researching and trying to determine some treatment. RICE alone isn’t working. Today I looked into slant board squats, and with the help of my dad’s handy-man skills and willingness to build me one, I’m going to start putting it to use. You can buy them at sports places, or your gym probably has one. It is the same thing used for calf stretching.

Here are articles I found helpful, and I hope that maybe this helps someone out there feeling limited from the same thing:

This guy tried everything, and then the slant board:

Eccentric Exercises and Stretching:

Medical Article stating squats are better if not as effective as surgery:

DIY Slant Board:

Hope this helps! Have you been suffering from the same thing, or any other injuries?

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Things that need to STOP

Ok, I have been furiously scouring blogs and stores for the past month – I love that fall is coming up, but I live in Georgia. It is still like, 90 degrees here, seriously!

But besides this opening fact, there are a few things I have been continuously noticing/seeing that just make me cringe a bit. 

1. Sheer Tops/ Peek-A-Boo Bras

I’m over it, and unfortunately my closet is full of them. I should really buy shirts that cover up my undergarments, not show them up. Apparently the new “trend” is to have peek-a-boo bras. They did a story on this on Good Morning America, and I laughed, out loud, at how absolutely ridiculous this looked. The newscaster, goes “It looks like you forgot your shirt” – yes, yes it does. 

I also hate how all the time, when I am shopping, I cannot find even black shirts that aren’t sheer. I just want to find something appropriate here people, is that too much to ask for H&M, fab’rik, Dress Up, Forever 21 etc…??

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

It’s like buying a knock off, and people were FIGHTING each other last Sunday for a new bag. Y’all, everyone knows where you got it, how much you paid, and it’s not the actual 3.1 Phillip Lim originals. It’s Target, c’mon… I love Target, but some brands should just stay how they are and not offer the “every-person” options. It’s like buying a cubic zirconia ring instead of a diamond one. By the way, I actually gave it a chance and tried on some pieces. I was pretty disappointed in the high price/low quality. Designer’s names are everything apparently.

3. Making shirts/dresses/blouses for 12 year old girls. 

My body is a Medium in most things, and then my boobs, which are pretty normal I think, don’t fit. Do you know how frustrating that makes me feel? Designers, you’re making me think I’m fat by only fitting your 100 lb, 5’8″ models – just stop. Be real. 

Ok, rant over. 

One more thing – my boyfriend asked me if my style was “blouse” the other day. Proceed to smack my hand on forehead… haha