Fighting Fluorescents



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I liked Bush, Chevelle and Filter in my high school days when I thought I was rebellious and could be cool by listening to something other than the Top 40 Billboard Hits of the time. Mind you, I was a cheerleader, captain of the track team, and deathly afraid of receiving a detention slip. Rebellious…not quite. But, I never attended a concert. It wasn’t my style, and frankly, I thought the crowd would be pretty rough around the edges. I’ll stick to my personal bubble, thanks.

Well, I’ve pushed myself a bit out of my comfort zone since my high school days, and I found myself at a Taproot concert Saturday night. It wasn’t because I was a Taproot fan or anything along those lines, but because my boyfriend was opening for them! The fans started piling into the Masquerade’s “Hell” stage in Atlanta and it was quite the scene. It consisted of your typical black clothing and tattooed crowd, along with the occasional shirtless dude in a kilt. I try to blend, wearing all black and a faux leather jacket. Tonight should be fun.


Dave’s band took the stage first and put on a great show, one of the best I have seen from them yet! Their cover of “Danger Zone” got the crowd amped, and they only added to the atmosphere by sporting some aviator sunglasses on stage. I was excited for them with the crowd’s reaction!

I guess all my faking turned into a real enjoyment of the atmosphere of the rock culture. Who can help but headband along when you see other fans destroying brains cells like it’s nobody’s business? My neck was sore the next morning, but I had SO much fun! We also were able to meet some of the Taproot members, which was a pretty cool perk, and one you’ll only find at smaller shows. As for the mosh pit… I tried to stay away from that one. Apparently the guy in the kilt was a pro wrestler. Yeah…I’ll save my body further injury for now.


Do you have a favorite local band, or have you discovered new music by attending another band’s concert? There are some great local groups that have a small fan following out there – I suggest listening up for them, and maybe you’ll get to interact and meet them before they become the next “up and coming” superstar.

Keep moshing my friends,



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