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It’s About That Time

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I haven’t blogged in forever, yup, again. It seems to be cyclical. When I want or need to talk about something, it comes out. Usually when I am swayed by emotional extremes or big changes in life, the most influential times. 

Well, it’s one of those times. BIG changes. I think I talked about starting to date Dave on this site… maybe. Well, we moved in together the beginning of this month. Big step #1. It’s been a great transition! I am so happy we took the plunge. Debate as you will about it being before marriage/being engaged, etc… but don’t cloud my sunny day. I think it was a great step and one we both were VERY excited about

End of February I changed jobs! I had been working in my old position for almost 3 years at a graphic design agency. I was over it… it became too monotonous and the growth I wanted and needed was not there. I’ve since switched to working in telecom as an entry level business analyst, and still figuring my way around. Finding your strengths in a new company, position and industry is really hard! Big step #2

Finally, WE GOT A PUPPY!! Meet Louie, he has his own hashtag #LovinLouieDog

Yes, the singer from Sublime had a Dalmatian named Louie, and we loosely named him after that Louie, but really, we loved the name and it suits him perfectly!! (PS, the song goes “Livin’ with Louie dog is the only way to stay sane”) He is so goofy and definitely hard-headed. He is a handful, but we love him to pieces already. He is an 8 week old lab mix we adopted from Labrador Friends of the South. We’re not sure what he is mixed with yet, but he won’t be too big judging from his current size, maybe 45-50 pounds. Perfect for our little apartment and snuggle time 🙂 Big step #3

I’m excited about posting more. It is going to be random, and maybe highlight some personal finance/dog/photography as those seem to be my hobbies these days… along with attempting to balance a healthy lifestyle. 



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