Fighting Fluorescents


Hey There!

Welcome! I’m a local Atlantan currently working for a smaller company of creatives in the area, enjoying my time in this big ole’ city with running, baking, Atlanta events, a bit of home brewing, and scoping out the bustling night life.

I work 40+ hours a week and sometimes you need a little escape from the whole 9-6. This blog will attempt to documents those moments, and hopefully provide a little inspiration to those reading.

Being a complete type-A personality, a little goal of this blog is to also get more into event planning and photography. They are definitely passions of mine and I want to learn more, find more inspiration and really cool things/ideas, and use this modge-podge of a city to my advantage!

So, reach out to me if you hear anything awesome going on, questions you may have or just philosophical life questions in general. Oh, and I’m also really good with music suggestions in case you’re just looking to pick my brain on that too. Peace up, A-town down (p.s. – NEVER use that in public, please)

– Christine


I'd love to hear from you!

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