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Goal 1 – Check!

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Hi all, so it has been quite a bit since I last posted (ummm…. almost a month??) but I’ve been busy, as all people. But, I also thought it was a good time to update y’all on what I’m doing and how my fun little 4 Hour Body journey is going. 

I hit a BIG milestone this week – 10 pounds down, woot woot!! I’m now in the low 150s, which I haven’t seen since umm, college Senior year when I lost a ton of weight, then put it all back on plus some while I studied abroad in Paris. Baguettes with Nutella or Brie is completely acceptable for all meals/snacks, correct? 

Well, that was over 2 years ago, and I’m back! I’m super motivated, and I’ve found a neat little community on my journey’s instagram (@4hb_christine – you should follow!) So, what have I been doing, and how, over the past month and a half, have I met this first goal?

First 6 weeks – very little exercise. I ate 4 meals a day, 3 of those included lentils. This worked for a bit, until I stopped noticing weight loss around week 3. But, I stuck to it. I felt SO good on Friday, I wasn’t too frustrated that the scale wasn’t moving. But, since I wasn’t losing weight, I knew that I wasn’t building muscle. SIGNAL: Change it up!

The past 2 weeks – The first week, I tried to add in a little more cardio. Simple things like the elliptical, and I went regularly to pilates once a week. No budge. Well this week, I cut out lentils from my third meal. So, here is the basic outline of what I am not eating, with those things I eliminated from the previous weeks in parentheses. 


Meal 1 – 3 egg whites, 1 egg, spinach or pepper/onion mix, garlic, 2 sausage patties, 1/2 cup beans or lentils (avocado eliminated)

Meal 2 – Chili – my instagram has a recipe for this, or follow the link. It is super easy! I found it googling around the web, and I add a little more spice to it because I like it to have a nice, hot BITE

Meal 3 – Broccoli/green beans and chicken, 3-5oz (Lentils eliminated)

Meal 4 – This varies a lot! This week I had turkey burger lettuce wraps with tomato and mustard, about 6oz each. Again, follow this link for recipe. Broccoli and green beans with garlic on the side, 1/2 an avocado with sriracha. (I’ve never had lentils for this meal)

Note on alcohol: I haven’t really had much wine during the week, I think a total of one glass last week and that’s it. HOWEVER, on Fridays I usually go out (balance, right?) but I only have clear liquors and calorie-free/sugar-free mixers. This includes the occassional energy drink, but my go-to drink for YEARS has been Vodka water with lime. It makes all of y’all that get hangovers feel a lot better the next morning too, trust me!

Working out, what did I change?

Well, P90X has proved to be a nice butt in the head. I used to lift, a lot, and I missed it! So, here is what this week’s workouts looked like:

Monday – P90X Chest and Biceps; Ab Ripper X (god this hurt!!)

Tuesday – 15 min Stairmaster/15 min Elliptical

Wednesday P90X Shoulders and Tris; Ab Ripper X (multiply my feelings for this on Monday, ouch!!)

Thursday – Yoga at LA Fitness

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – doubtful much will happen


Since this past weekend, I have had a TERRIBLE pain in my left knee, the front of it, and it has definitely limited me. Yoga yesterday was the worst – Warrior One felt like I had been stabbed in the knee with a sword. Dang it hurt! So, I’m working through that. I’ve always had problems and they seem to be getting worse. 

Anywho… today marks the start of my birthday celebrations, so I’m starting the night off with some sugar free Jell-o shots. Here’s to 25 years!



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