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Madly for One Year

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I just needed to write a short post to get how I’m feeling – don’t worry, it’s all good!

A year ago today, I went on my first date with Dave. A year, where did it go? Lots of love, discovery, some downs, many many ups, and a deep relationship formed over this year. It feels much longer to me, probably because I feel like I know him so well already.


I want to gush on and on about him and us. I no longer refer to “I” in my sentences but rather “We.” I don’t do well when he is away, which lucky for me is very rare. I can’t imagine him not with me or around me during a night out. We’ve even managed to get through the full Lost show together. We’ve met families, friends, made friends together, taken a few trips and made each other a huge part of each other’s lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


So here is to one year, and I know many many more that will bring new experiences and let us keep growing together. I am over-the-moon excited!



One thought on “Madly for One Year

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