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Shame on Me

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Y’all, yesterday’s attempt at returning to group classes was miserable.

I walk into a NEW for me LA Fitness and felt out of place, wandering. I didn’t even know how to get into the place at first. I walked past a large glass wall that no one should every really walk by unless, like me, they are lost.

Finally, I found the entrance and I had my big sling purse with me. I didn’t bring a lock with me, so I just trugged it along with me around the gym. I made a lap in front of everyone (and there were a lot of people) just to end up on an elliptical since I had sorely overestimated the time it would take me to get to the gym. After about 10 minutes and getting to people watch for a bit, I felt more comfortable and ready for the Bodyworks class.

There were some very large people in there, and compared to my old gym where I took this class, a lot more out of shape. Really, none of the women in this class looked like some of the others I had grown accustomed to. I felt good about myself.

I’m used to lifting heavier weights, so that is what I did, and the beginning of the class I was totally fine, feeling a burn and strong. Then it hit me.

15 to 20 minutes in I began to feel like I was either going to pass out or vom everywhere. I tried to shake it off and drink some water for a second, but it did not go away. So, I grabbed my bag, towel and water bottle and ran out of class, sweating profusely and feeling really woosey. It was miserable, but not the first time. The worst part though was that I ran out of a class, without cleaning up my stuff. I felt bad, but I could not have possibly put away stuff with how crowded the room was.

So, now is the challenge of going back. I’m going to try again on Wednesday, but I am hoping no one remembers me. I never leave classes because of “wimping out”, but this was one of those cases that I was physically messed up.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, and what makes you feel better? It has happened to me before, but I can never pin-point the reason.

What are your favorite things to eat/drink or take before a workout?


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