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Long Hair, Don’t Care

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So I am always trying to grow my hair out, and to be honest, I didn’t really change up my hair routine in order to do so. Maybe that’s why I’ve failed so many times, leaving my hair stringy, damaged, and really needing a cut so I don’t look like Nicky Nichols from “Orange is the New Black”. Except she has volume, so maybe I could deal with that… natasha_lyonne_orangeSo, I’ve read up a little, taking some advice, and taking some new vitamins to see how this hair growth project goes. Two posts that I found really helpful were from Maskara and Barefoot Blonde. So right now, here is what my hair looks like from the back, totally natural, air dried. Note, I also haven’t cut it in about 10 weeks. I don’t plan on doing so for a while longer.

IMG_7695I have some serious natural waves that were pretty unexpected, but started showing thanks to these few tricks:

1. Biotin: This is basically hair, skin and nails. I’m taking one 2500mcg in the morning

2. Vitamin E: This promotes capillary growth, which in turn translates to your scalp getting more circulation. This should make your scalp healthy, growing thicker and quicker hair! Added bonus, your immune system and heart gain benefits from this Vitamin. I take 400 Iu in the morning with my Biotin. I’ve only been taking these for a few days, so we’ll see how effective they actually are in a month or so.

IMG_29983. Deep Conditioner: Do this once a week. I use Ojon’s, but once that runs out I may turn to coconut oil. Cheap/broke girl style right there.

4. Washing every other day: I wash one day, then just condition the next. I also use conditioner as a “shampoo” on non-shamp days, rubbing my scalp and then leaving it in for a bit.

5. No-touchy: When I’m in the shower, I’ll use a wide tooth comb on my hair while the conditioner is in. Then I won’t touch it once I get out of the shower except to put a little moroccan oil in if needed, especially to tame frizzies. Then, I won’t do a THING to it until it is completely dry, no twisting, touching, fluffing, scrunching… etc. This has made the biggest difference, and I’m actually confident in wearing my hair totally natural now!

6. No heat: I don’t use heat during the week unless I have to really prep for a client meeting or other important things. I leave that to the weekend, and if I do use heat, it is with a protectant. I can’t wait to see the results of not using heat, as I’m a slave to my straightener!

7. Don’t become a frequent client: I was going to the salon every 6 weeks in college, and now am at about every 10, but I plan on keeping my hair as healthy as possible and avoiding going even longer! Hair grows about 1/2 an inch in a month, so trimming it an inch or so every few weeks is pointless! You have to keep the ends healthy though so they don’t break. That’s my biggest problem.

8. Check your diet: Hair is made of proteins, so up that intake! Wheat prohibits hair growth, so decrease your wheat intake. The healthfulness of your diet will determine the health of your hair. I know this for a fact.

Any other tips you have on growing your hair out? I have fine hair, so it’s tough!


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