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If I Had a Million Dollars

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Does that title ring a bell? It does from my childhood! My dad used to play the Gordon CD by the Barenaked Ladies over and over and over… and this past weekend I got to see them live!

Dave had won tickets to see them over the new radio station in Atlanta, 105.7, and was entered into a raffle to sit on stage during their performance. Guess who won??!!


We got to the concert a little late after some confusion between the different ampitheatres of Lakewood and Verizon, but we made it for a good chunk of Ben Folds Five. After his performance, we were escorted to the back of the stage, where two seats were waiting for us to to the left of the stage and hanging out with the sound guys. We were blown away! Was this for us? We thought it was going to be a table with other people. Nope, just us! It was a crazy experience, and to my surprise, BNL was great! I would love to see them again soon!

With my babe :)

With my babe 🙂

Some other fun news – Dave and I are trying Tim Ferris again. Updates on this to be posted, but I think I need a change, and that diet was pretty easy. We just need to stick with it on Sundays. Those are the tricky ones! We tried it the end of last year, and kind of quit after a bit. It’s really because we didn’t stick with it. Here goes!


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