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I’m Still Here!

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This week is my first FULL week back from vacation. It is Tuesday and it is totally an uphill battle. It has been a very fast few weeks, from New York to Connecticut, to Myrtle Beach to Top Sail… I’ve been a lot of places, met a lot of people, and in the process of letting go of some damaging relationships. No, not with the boyfriend!

I’m a girl, obviously, but most of the people I am around are men. It’s just who I get along best with. They are true, so un-caddy, and even if they can be total bros sometimes, they still are great friends. I like how men tell it like it is, without being bitchy, caddy or too click-y. I think they are a lot more accepting of people in general than women.

So with that, I’ve broken off relationships with pretty much ALL of my girl friends in Atlanta. They’re true colors have come out, and I don’t need their negativity around me. I can describe most of them as partying too hard, caring very little about their health or fitness, and constantly put themselves in somewhat vulgar relationships or connections with men that make them show very little self-respect for themselves.

That is all pretty harsh, but it is true. I may have been ok with that a while ago, but I have grown-up, changed, and my priorities are much different.

However, that also has left me in a strange and unknown situation where I have NO close female friends in Atlanta. It is hard meeting people here naturally. Can someone come up with a brunching group for females to make friends? haha…

But, I’m also looking forward to what is coming up – hopefully new connections and great friends. Ones that I can call best friends rather than acquaintances. I miss movie nights in big baggy sweatshirts with Ben & Jerry’s, grabbing a drink at a dive bar, or eating enormous amounts of tortilla chips over a marg with “the girls”.

Has anyone else experienced this friend break-up?

How did you handle it or move on? Where did you meet your best friend as an adult?


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