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My Real Eats this Week

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Well, I tried to stick to what I had mentioned as my eating schedule according to this post. I think it provides a guideline, but I do have a life other than sleep, eat, workout, sleep, so things come up. It’s ok. Here is what I really ate on Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday – all the same, except for dinner. I also missed my workout

– Serving of Trader Joe’s Cheddar- Horseradish chips

– Half container of Athenos Spicy Three Pepper Hummus

– 2 servings of baby carrots

– Salmon, grilled

– Large slice of vanilla cake with fudge icing

– Glass of Scotch Ale

Thursday – normal breakfast, but everything else was different. Workout included the plank challenge for He & She Eat Clean, more abs, upper body, and 30 minutes on the stairmill.

– Brunch: Thai wraps, sans wraps (Peanut Sauce with veggies and chicken, too heavy on the sauce)

– Baseball game: Apple Orchard Cider, 2 Bud Light Tall Boys (or 3?, can’t honestly remember)

– Pre-Workout: 1/2 hass avocado with sriracha, other 1/2 tub of the Athenos hummus, more baby carrots

– Dinner: Eggplant with spices and Balsamic Vinegar (grilled), Shock Top beer, Veggie mix on the side (lima beans, carrots, cauliflower, green beans)

– Dessert: 2.5 Fruit kabobs, pineapple and peach grilled on the Foreman

So, no, I didn’t make the best choices the past two days, but I didn’t gorge myself on bon-bons.

Tomorrow is fast day, yay! It always hits a nice reset button for me. I’ve also been trying to drink so much more water! Monday and Tuesday I know I hit the gallon mark, and today I was pretty close. We went as a company to the Braves baseball game, so it was hard to keep getting water for 4.50 a bottle, even though the company was treating us out 🙂

Do you have days that you eat like a normal person? Do you think I’m a little obsessed with food, or is it normal?

Oh, and small win – I fit better into a shirt today than I did last year, woooop!!


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