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$2 Weekend

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Drinking costs a lot, really… Think about how much you spend on drinks with dinner, buying stuff at the liquor store for a pregame (Red Bull usually included) and then going OUT, where you continue to drink $7 wells and then all you want to do is nom on some pizza or Taco Bell, whatever is available.

Well, summer helps me with those expenses a bit. Also, taking more control of my eating/drinking habits has been a relief on my bank account. I have been trying not to go out and drink on Fridays – this past weekend included. I did have some adult beverages on Saturday, but all that I drank was actually left-overs from the Destin trip – Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade crystal light powder!

Yes, I drank, and it wasn’t pretty, or clean. I was doing well up until I headed to the pool. Earlier that morning I had an egg and grapefruit breakfast, then lunch with my mom at a small health-food bistro, where I got an egg and veggie wrap, which was delicious! Then I headed to the pool, and it was pretty much a downhill fall the rest of the weekend.

I drank enough, more than I wanted, and woke up CRAVING the burgers that were being grilled by our friends outside. I had one, then two, then a hot dog, then another hot dog. I also had the pasta salad and couscous salad, sandie’s chips and the kettle chips (fabulous!!) Yes, I ate ALL of that. I also went home and proceeded to make a chocolate mug cake. It was one of those nights – I totally did not keep with my clean eating or healthy eating. I woke up feeling pretty yuck the next day. My body hated me for it. So you know what I did? Took it to the gym for some stairmill, abs and upper body. It was much happier after that, until again I had a craving and proceeded to eat FOUR Barre Bars. What?? I was again full, and feeling guilty. I slept most of the day. My body was really tired, emotionally and physically.

Then Dave called, and asked if we should go to California Pizza Kitchen. I agreed, happily. I hadn’t seen him since the pool, which is a long time for us on the weekend, so we made it a little date night, haha. I tried the Korean BBQ Chicken Pizza and he had the Pineapple BBQ Pizza. Both were delicious! We ate half each, then ate the rest later that night (of course!) We don’t let stuff like that sit in our fridges during the week.

After CPK and a nap, we still wanted dessert, so off to Publix we went and picked up some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Ice cream is ice cream, but I was really disappointed in the lack of cookie dough balls in the Publix Premium brand. Won’t be getting that again. And yes, we did top our ice cream bowls with chocolate syrup. Dave and I are both the fattest kids you’ll meet. We didn’t finish the tub, but contrary to our “toss it” policy, Dave’s roommate got him to wrap the tub in aluminum foil. Like that will stop him…

Overall though, without drinking out, I spent $2 going out. It was the valet tip Friday night. Food was shared with me on Saturday. CPK was unplanned and yes, we split it. That wasn’t drinking cost.

How much do you spend a weekend on drinks? Do you think you can out-eat me? How do you focus on clean eating during the weekend while still having fun?


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