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Brunch In Atlanta

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I got SOOO many suggestions when I had a friend in town, and I thought I should post my friends’s “favorites” for all else to try and know about. I ended up taking her to Treehouse, and it was in no manner a disappointment. Helllllloooo huevos rancheros!

And here it is, my list of “Brunch Best in Atlanta”:

  1. Murphy’s
  2. Basil’s
  3. R. Thomas (check!)
  4. Aprés Diem
  5. West Egg
  6. Front Page News
  7. Rosebud
  8. The Nook
  9. Urban Pl8
  10. Osteria
  11. Another Broken Egg (check!)
  12. Local Three
  13. Buttermilk Kitchen (check!)
  14. Treehouse (check!)

So, now the question is how do I choose one tomorrow?? haha


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