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I have not take a true vacation in a very long time. Trips away from Atlanta included a trip to Charleston in October 2011 and before that studying abroad in Paris in summer 2011. Needless to say, I needed a vacation and some time away.

I have a big trip coming up at the end of this month, but this Memorial Day I got a last-minute invite to the beautiful Destin and got to make some new, amazing friends. We travelled down to Destin Friday night, leaving work a little early to beat most of the long-weekend crowd. Arriving a bit late, we still managed to make it out to dinner and the bars, including Hammerheads, where a small dance party (translation, myself) was going on, as well as a quick walk down the dock at night with Dave. I haven’t smelt salty, beachy air in way too long.


We rented a boat an spent all day on Crab Island, a 3-feet deep area that boats, kayaks, skidoos, and floating food boats post up on for the day. Basically a water party – it was fantastic!


photo 1

Sunday we just laid out on the beach for a majority of the day. After sunburn of the century in April, there was no sparing on the sunscreen, so I have a nice base now, but no sungoddess-like color. Probably a good thing – Summer in Atlanta is very long!


photo 2

I can’t remember if this was Saturday or Sunday night (my days blend), but we also went out to AJs – a bar/club that looked over the water. I danced my FACE off to Longreef and Dave was even invited to sing if he knew one of their covers. It never happened, but let me tell you, that band was so nice and obviously talented! We got to meet the lead singer, Josh, who handed us a pick; it was also his business card. Such a neat idea!

photo 5

In all honesty, food wasn’t a huge thing there, but we did drink, a lot, my choice being Sweet Tea vodka as well as Bud Light. My body hasn’t experienced any of that in a bit, so it was quite a shock to the system.

We did however head to Pompano Joe’s twice. Friday I had their broiled shrimp salad with a side of salsa versus dressing (delicious) and Sunday their Amberjack Antiqua. The Amberjack was a white fish, slightly fried, with a banana and mango chutney on top. It doesn’t get much better. Dave got the Crab Leg Feast – sadly, it wasn’t King Crab, so the effort to eat may have been a little less than unpleasant, but who cares, it’s crab. One of my favorites, especially when dipped in melted butter!

photo 3

We also stopped at Harry T’s before leaving on Monday, where I had their Combo basket, with shrimp and flounder. Another favorite, always with hush puppies on the side. They also had Cheddar Cheese grits which tasted like heaven! I was so full after all of that food – my body was definitely not used to the alcohol/fried/carbs I was re-introducing it to.

photo 4

Did I mention I had Waffle House two mornings in a row too? Oops…

Overall, I’m already anxious to get back to a beach. There is a strong possibility of moving to one in the near future as well. What a life that would be!

I’ll be posting about what is coming up diet/workout wise over the next few weeks. I wasn’t super happy about most of the bathing suit photos taken, but I HAVE to remember that change takes time and that I was better than I was before. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…And here is the lovely suit photo, where I am now. I can’t wait to see where the next few months take me.


Any fun plans last weekend or places traveled? What are your recommendations for beaches to LIVE on?


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