Fighting Fluorescents


10 Days, No Cheats


So, I just found out that a beach trip is coming up, for Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be around a bunch of tanned and toned people, so I of course need to get it together. I’ve been fasting, I’ve been working out, but I think this will spur me to take it up a notch, avoiding fro yo, mexican and beer for the next few days…. So, #10daysnocheats

Anyone interested in joining me for the next 10 days? You can find me on twitter @FightingFL, and I’ll be posting my daily meals on there. 10 days is easy, and right when the weekend starts. Leggo… 


2 thoughts on “10 Days, No Cheats

  1. Good luck! I know beach season is coming up REAL SOON, I really need to stop baking so much eeek

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