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Running Relationship


I haven’t been out running in over a week. If you know me, this is not normal. I normally am out at least twice a week, and honestly, I have been running consistently since I was a Sophomore in high school, when I was 15 or so. That makes it close to 10 years of running, consistently.

I’ve run for speed with 400s and 800s in track, I’ve run to lose the Freshman 15 in college, I ran to train for my first triathlon. I’ve completed several half marathons and I have ran 26.2 miles – a marathon.

I enjoyed running for a REALLY long time, and it has defined some of the great physical milestones of my life. It’s also helped define where I am at my life.

I ran in college when I was so sick of all the skinny girls around campus and feeling totally ignored.

I ran my first half marathon as a bonding experience with friends.

I set myself to train for a marathon after my first big break up.

I ran tons of faster 5Ks (and won my age, a lot) last year when I was starting to really change my life from the college to working adult perspective.

Like I said, defining moments of my life.


But I’m in a weird spot right now. I don’t have a love for the physical act of running at the moment. My last run, I just thought about how much I did not enjoy it, how my mind seemed more foggy than ever, and how I hadn’t experienced that “runner’s high” in quite a while. I think running has slowly started to drift from my life, and I’m ok with that for now. I get those feelings you achieve from running – clear head, strong body, accomplishment – from my spin classes at the moment. I am actually thinking about becoming a spin instructor. But, that’s for later.

Now, I think running and I are in splits-ville. Maybe we’ll come back to each other at some point, but right now I don’t feel attached to it. It’s weird to admit that considering we’ve been together for so long. Thanks running, I’m sure we’ll meet again soon…


4 thoughts on “Running Relationship

  1. I need to start running! I haven’t gone running in such a long time.


    • Do you enjoy it? I think I just found some different passions – guess my tastes are changing! What distances do you like to do?

      • I really do! Lately, since I stopped running I don’t enjoy it as much and I get tired fast, but that’s slowly changing with my boyfriend helping me haha. For now I might do a mile or less to get back into running, but before, my boyfriend and I would run all over downtown Madison where I am from.

      • That always helps! Mine hates running, passionately. It’s never gonna happen. lol

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