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Well, I can say that the weekend of last was much different from the festivals and sunshine I saw earlier. I was unfortunately inside a lot, but all for different events. I tried to see the sunshine as much as possible!

Up first for the weekend was a rush to Tap, a gastropub in Atlanta off Peachtree Street in Midtown. I’ve been wanting to go there, and finally got to taste their Tacos! They were gone in a heart beat… I was supposed to give Dave a taste, but that just didn’t happen. I remember that I got some sort of red ale that was on tap (ha, nice) but can’t for the life of me remember the name! The food wasn’t super expensive, right in the middle, and next time I go I think I need to try one of their burgers on an English Muffin. Oh, and they serve a mini frosty with your fries! This place has got it right…

Gas•tro•pub (noun): a pub, bar, or tavern that offers meals of high quality

Tap on Peachtree

Right after, we were off to the 500 Songs For Kids Concert that Dave’s band was playing in. It was at the Loft at Centre Stage and the theme for the night was “VH1’s top songs of the 80s”. They got stuck with “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. Honestly, out of all of the songs of the 80s they could have got, this wasn’t too bad, and it was so crazy seeing my boyfriend performing! I could get really used to this 🙂

Floored at the Loft

I was up early the next morning for the BeltLine Northside 5K, where I was handing out shirts if you were there, and then off to my sorority sister’s wedding. After, we just wanted to hang out, so we bought a pony keg of Newcastle and headed to the jacuzzi where as usual, we met some new people. That’s what I love about the spring/summer – people finally get out of their homes and their clicks and start talking to new and different people! It is such a social time of the year.

It poured all day Sunday. No pool, no going to the park, but boredom hit and we managed to fight the rain and venture to Atlantic Station for dinner at Fishook Grille. It was quick, easy and again I had tacos (not as good as Taps!) but their sweet potato fries with Garlic Aioli dip was my favorite part of the dish. Sundays are always so sad though because it is just a close to the weekend, and tomorrow Monday comes, and then you wait for the weekend again…


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