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I am so behind – I haven’t even made the time to write about my past weekend, and look, it is already Friday! This week flew by, mainly because I am busy at work and I am also diving back into my workouts, the Fast Diet, and some volunteer work. Wheww! It feels good to feel busy, and recently I’ve been having a lot more energy to keep up.

So, what happened in Atlanta this weekend, and what is coming up??

Dave and I actually went to TWO festivals this weekend and skipped out on the bar scene for once (yay!)

Sweetwater Fest at Candler Park

Lots of Sweetwater Beer! My personal favorites from there are Georgia Brown and Exodus Porter. Neither of them were served, but if you want to try out the Exodus, do so soon because they have STOPPED making it! I am so sad, I loved that beer… But I don’t think Georgia Brown is going anywhere, so we’re ok Sweetwater.Sweetwater Festival


The main beers that I tried while there were the IPA and the LowRYEder, a Rye IPA. They also had music, cornhole, a SILENT DISCO (possibly my favorite), King of Pops (I tried Pineapple something…), Meehan’s (I kind of ate a burger) and Fox Brother’s BBQ. All solid Atlanta Staples!


Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Sunday we went to a little more tame event, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. We listened to some “Earthy” music, again ate King of Pops (this time I had Chocolate Salted – delicious), funnel cakes and Gyros. It was total carnival food, and I loved it! I can’t describe how perfect the weather was. Just cool enough, breezy, and I just got to have powdered sugar blowing all over me and Dave while we sat in a patch of grass and listened to The Earthlings, a pretty solid small band from Atlanta. It was a great day and weekend in Atlanta. This will be tough to beat, but I have some fun plans starting right after work today!

One of the BIG things is that Dave’s band is playing The Loft @ Centre Stage for 500 Songs for Kids, a charity event. It’s actually the first time they’ve all played together in front of a crowd. This is just a small teaser of their talents 🙂

I won’t be there, but if you are in the Athens area you MUST go to Twilight, a bike criterium that takes place downtown. Think open containers, bikes zipping past, and watching lots of crashes on the turns into hay stacks. It is one of my favorite events of the year!

Have a great weekend, do you have any plans in/around your city?

Also, how can I get the John Butler Trio to play in Atlanta? I can’t get enough of their music!


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