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The Fast Diet

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So, being Dave and Christine, we started a new diet. In the months we’ve been dating, we’ve tried Tim Ferriss, Juice Detox, Low-Cal… you name it. He thinks he is sending me on these crazy plans and ways to stay in shape, but in all honesty, I love it! Figuring out what works for me is a constant experiment, and getting his health knowledge combined with mine, it makes for plenty of options to try.

Enter the Fast Diet, a 5:2 ratio of intermittent fasting. You eat 500 calories (600 for men) on your two fast days a week, then eat moderately, like you normally would, on your other days. There are countless studies and proof that fasting help longevity and quality of life, but it also provides a steady way to keep your weight and health in check. So, we’re trying it out.

I eat 250 calories, twice a day, on this diet. Once in the morning, once at night. You can do a few alternatives, but the book goes into a lot more detail on that. I’ve been through 2 fast days so far, and the boundless energy I experience on these days is the complete opposite of what I expected!

Daily Food Protein Pancake with Strawberries and Honey Gardenburgers with a Cucumber

Daily Food
Protein Pancake with Strawberries and Honey
Gardenburgers with a Cucumber

I’ll be sticking this out with Dave for a bit and seeing how it goes. It could easily become a way of life, thanks to its flexibility and the countless benefits to the “whole”. Read the book and let me know what you think. You can also watch the author’s video to learn about the benefits of fasting in an hour 

Would you try the fast diet?

Do you believe in all of the benefits out there from fasting?


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