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Spring Sunburns

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I had my first experience with spring this weekend, and I am still feeling the repercussions of it. My skin has been burning hot since about 2 on Saturday and has not yet gotten better. I look like I got bee stings on the side of my face (only one side of course) and my skin is so red and screaming for moisture that it’s easy to wrinkle up. My excuse for not wearing sunblock Saturday, “I’m Italian”. Those words will never leave my mouth again as an excuse for ANYTHING!

I’m really excited for more pool time, but the sheer lack of being able to workout or really lay down due to insistent burning of my skin has that on hold for now. Let’s hoping that by this weekend things will be back to normal. I have a date with the sunblock policeman who repeatedly said “I told you so” after seeing my lobster-esque burns and possibly some Atlanta celebrations at the Sweetwater 420 Fest. I had a dream last night beer was $2… wouldn’t that be nice? 

Also, I started a new diet/eating lifestyle, officially having the first “day” tomorrow. More on this to come, as the Tim Ferriss diet was kind of a fail for me. 


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