Fighting Fluorescents


An “F” Weekend

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Not what it sounds like – it was an amazing weekend! It just so happened that everything involved an “F”-word.

Fight Night Friday in Atlanta at Center Stage

Mui Thai and MMA were both represented in the second fight night I’ve ever been to. It was insane! I’ve never seen such passion of people in real life. These athletes are a different breed, training for countless hours a day in order to get their body into peak shape to defend themselves and become champions. The other neat part aout going? Dave’s band will be playing at the Loft in the same building on April 26th for 500 Songs for Kids.


Fun Run, Color Run Atlanta

The morning after a long night at the fight, I headed out with two girlfriends to the Color Run, being held way out at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I missed last years, but got to enjoy this one in all its colored powder glory. 


Final Four

The majority of the weekend, since it was hosted in Atlanta, involved partaking in and volunteering with the NCAA to put on a fantastic Final Four celebration!I hung around Bracket Town most of the weekend, a family fun center set up by multiple sponsors, but I also got to see the Muse concert and taste some excellent Food Truck chow. Yumbii’s Philly was out of this world!! I need to try more food trucks, especially since they are all over Atlanta.


Fat Matt’s

Only the best BBQ in Atlanta! We headed there Saturday night to top off the weekend, getting the rib sandwich and potato salad. I couldn’t have been happer. 

It was a true Atlanta weekend, one that left me wiped and totally excited about living in my city!


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