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Over to Under

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We all have this problem – overcommitment. We sign up for everything, thinking that if we are involved we will surely be bettering ourselves in the process. But when we join that committee or team or club or whatever it is, we forget about one thing – ourselves. Do you REALLY enjoy what you are signing up for and taking the time to do? It is a question I’ve been trying to ask myself as my stress level has increased (translate: 24 year old with high blood pressure), shrinking hours of the day, and trying to sort out everything in my life still.

When I first moved to this fine new city of Atlanta, I overcommitted myself to everything. And then what happened? I got completely burnt out. Things I used to enjoy I no longer liked or did not make the time to do. I’ve gone through a few different “volunteer” and social activities, and I think I am starting to get it dwindled down to what I ENJOY by undercommiting myself. I’m taking myself out of things I don’t look forward to doing and hopefully finding some time and space to fill with things that bring me joy. It may not always be a peaceful breakup with what I was doing, but I think it is something that I need to do.

So, asses yourself – do you enjoy all you volunteer for and do in your YOU time, that precious spare time? Make sure you do.


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