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Usability Pet Peeve

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Maybe it is working in an agency, learning about how things work, how they should work and what is pleasant to people, but I find errors in things ALL THE TIME. I’ve worked in website development, such as site mapping, interface design and overall usability, and so maybe I am critical of other’s sites. I only wish that one day I am able to code mine better! A few coding classes I think could help me a ton.

But the one thing I hate MOST about websites? Pop-ups. Those terrible, initial ones that ask you to subscribe every time you visit their page. And you know where I see it most? On sites I subscribe to (mainly blogs) via Bloglovin’. I already get your feed, so stop asking me to sign up every time I visit your site. If I think your content is interesting enough, I’ll follow you and find where I can get email alerts. So stop pestering me, because it makes me want to not click on your site anymore. Just my two cents…


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