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A Weekend Away

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It wasn’t really me getting away from anything this weekend, just really everyone getting away from me. Roommate, friends and boyfriend were all gone. I love being around people, but I can be a complete recluse when I get the chance, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

One of my favorite things is cooking and baking, so Friday I came up with the list of all that I wanted to make. It came down to a few things – Mongolian Tofu, Cheesy Potato Frittata, Cauliflower Crust Paleo Pizza, Microwave cheesecake, and eggs over leeks, mushrooms and spinach. I also tried out a protein pancake with berries. To say the least, I fed myself well, and it was all really healthy. A goal of my weekend was to not drink, workout and just do right by my body. I think this weekend was just that. Tending to spring cleaning also became a priority – I managed to rid myself of three trash bags worth of clothes, and organized my closet. One treat – I did drink a Guinness and the local Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy beer on St.Patty’s – how could you not?


Have you tackled spring cleaning yet? What did you do for St.Patty’s? What do you do when you have a weekend to yourself?


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