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I Don’t Always Drink Bourbon

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This is quite a delayed post, but definitely a weekend that needs a recap! Beer, Bourbon and BBQ came back to Atlanta this year, and I gave it a go, even though I don’t really like bourbon and I was sick (which later was found to be allergies) and it was FLURRYING in Georgia. What??? Southern girls never see this, or expect this in March. I was completely unprepared.


But, it turned out to be a great day and definitely an event to go to again. And guess what?? I ended up liking a lot of the samples, beer and bourbon. Here were my picks from the day:

Cabin Fever Maple Flavored Whisky – totally unknown brand, but fantastic and my favorite of the day. Sip quickly on this one before your friends catch on to how great it is!

Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey – available everywhere, easy to drink

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – I wasn’t able to try their bourbon, but if this ale is any indicator, I should in the near future

Shock Top Honey Apple Crisp Beer – sounds fall season, but actually perfect for summer since it is crisp rather than spicy



One thought on “I Don’t Always Drink Bourbon

  1. That’s wicked, you’re too kind! And did you know we are also giving away a Log Cabin?

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