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Planned and Crammed

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I know I feel this all the time, but sometimes I think I completely overplan my weekends. Being in a big city that is constantly humming and buzzing with things to do like Atlanta, there is no stopping. It is just a constant, “We need to do that this weekend, it is such an Atlanta thing” or “everyone will be there, what else would you do, sit at home?”. Why yes, I would sit at home, on my butt, in front of a couch, preferably with something that is chocolate and zero calories (a true fantasy of mine).

Up until mid May, I already have something going on EVERY WEEKEND! How can this be?? It’s like spring has barely started and it is already chock full of things to do. There may be only one weekend from then until now when I can have some down time, and it still isn’t looking good considering it is actually a weekend specifically for drinking green beer and partying to some bagpipes.

What I would also do with my long weekend includes reading the entirety of a book, baking something, cooking something, maybe a little DIY project and staying in my PJs for eternity. That sounds fantastic to me. What things have you been putting off thanks to a never-ending packed schedule?


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