Fighting Fluorescents


Unknown Sickness, Uncovered!

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Its been a battle for the past week with my body. First off, my new trainer, a former body guard and MMA fighter, killed me last Tuesday. Like, my legs were shaking and I couldn’t walk properly for a few days. Running, squats or anything relating to much movement were out of the question. Yowza!

Wednesday I woke up feeling super terrible, having hot flashes, congested and a terrible cough to go with it. I got to work and had to leave – I slept most of the day. I battled through work Thursday and Friday, didn’t do TOO much this weekend (not like usual) and thought that I finally kicked whatever was ailing me. Not so. Monday came and along with it another “this day couldn’t get worse” feeling all over. I left work again, headed to the minute clinic, and found out that I had… allergies? Yes, never before has this happened. Maybe it is why I feel sick so much. Most likely.

Crippling allergies, like can’t get out of bed, coughing keep you up, head press allergies. It felt like I had the flu or strep or something. Never would I have thought allergies caused this, ever!

So, with my new daily dose of Claritin and a nose spray, along with some coughing pills, I should feel back to normal soon. For someone that this is all new to, I feel for people now that struggle with this. It’s not fun, and if you’ve been feeling yuck a lot, I would suggest getting checked for allergies – I would have never thought that to be my diagnosis. Has anyone else been diagnosed with allergies later in life? Were you as surprised as me?


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