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The Packed Life

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It truly baffles me how much I commit myself to, and how much I try to back myself out of situations when I think I am going to overwhelm myself. Then you know what happens? I still do it all!! There hasn’t been a time in the past few months when I totally backed out of plans or dropped responsibilities that seem to flood my calendars, yes plural.

This weekend was a perfect example of the social jam. I’ve been go go go go go go and all I wanted was a weekend where I didn’t overcommit. I ended up on the Atlanta night life both nights, once since my sorority little was in town from another state and the other because 1. a friend was playing a benefit concert and 2. my boyfriend’s hometown friend just moved to Atlanta that day. I think being in a relationship makes you even busier because you are juggling two people’s social lives. Thank goodness for multi-tasking…

Do you have weekends you just want to shut yourself in at home? How do you say “no” to plans that come up?


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