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It amazes me sometimes how a day can change back and forth, between good and bad, weird and normal, sunny and rainy… you get the picture… so quickly.

I woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain because I somehow managed to dislocate my shoulder in the middle of the night. I’ve always had bad shoulders thanks to sports, especially a bad cheerleading injury (go ahead, laugh), but it never gets much worse than a dull pain anymore. So, that felt like fire shooting through my arm, and I was half awake and couldn’t really figure out what to do. My boyfriend suggested the hospital. Yeah, no… So I popped it back in place and was good to go, back to bed.

Well, I got to work, downed some of the black coffee I truly love, and during some down time started checking out a few stories in Bloglovin (there are like 100 unread posts in my queue at the moment, oops). And there it was – I had won a MadeByGirl giveaway hosted by! Which, I love her blog. Check it out, shameless plug for her.

Finally, lunch came around and I decided to go shoe shopping because some of mine are falling apart. I need more money and more shoes. It’s a problem, ha. Heels and flats – check. It’s Friday though, and Friday means Converse, and little did I realize what a poor decision they are in the currently rainy Atlanta. I managed to step in a puddle, flopping water up and somehow soak a whole pant leg up to my knee. No one likes wet jeans, especially me. Gross. I thought that was it.

Nope. To get to the parking lot, you have to go DOWN stairs. Well, that turned into me falling down stairs on my butt… Luckily no one saw, similar to how I managed to slam my locker into my face/head yesterday. I’m just glad people don’t witness these things because they would really start to question me.

Here is hoping to a much up Friday, and maybe some celebration of Margarita Day! Which, I’m not really sure if today is Margarita Day or if my friend who prefers tequila to anything else made that up for her own selfish reasons… either way is a win-win I guess. My hunt to find the best “skinny” margarita is on!


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