Fighting Fluorescents


Jab Jab, Sprawl

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My boyfriend has been taking kickboxing for a few months now, and he keeps on raving about how awesome the classes are and I felt like after hanging out with one of his trainers all weekend who is a professional fighter, might as well try it out. I was totally intimidated though. These people smash in faces, break bones, bleed everywhere… yeah, I kinda like the way my face looks, thanks. Once I got there though, totally different.

For me, working out is fun. I love to do it. I hate sitting at the desk all day (hint, totally what this blog’s title is about), so going into a boxing gym all bubbly was a little different than heading out for a run or spin class. I felt like I needed to be in fighter mode, whatever that is for me.

We started shuffling around the bags, big toned dude teaching the class, and girls who looked like their arms were little rocks. Puhllleasse can I have those by summer? And after about 1000 gloved pushups and jabs, I knew why they looked like that. I’ve been sore for two days, painfully sore, in my back and biceps. Just what I wanted! The class was fun, it went by super quick, and I was dripping sweat as usual. I’m keeping up the spinning, but I hope that the main squeeze won’t mind too much if I join his gym too in the future… hopefully!


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