Fighting Fluorescents


Calories and Beer

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I hate those little suckers, they add up so quickly and are hard to get rid of. That was pretty much my thoughts all weekend although I skipped my Saturday run AND decided to eat pretty much any carb I could put in front of my face. Onto another week of chicken, eggs and broccoli. If I ate on the weekends like I do during the week, I’d be rail thin, for real. Maybe that is something to keep in mind.


On a positive note though, my boyfriend and I guzzled our home brew for the first time this weekend, and being someone who I think can taste great beer, it was delicious! It was an Irish Red Ale, carbonated, tasty, and way too easy to drink. The excitement that my boyfriend had with that first sip was ridiculous, and just made me smile endlessly… men and beer. Haha. Hope you all had a sunny weekend like here down south. What were some of your highlights?


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