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Inbox Zero

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A really neat thing happened to me yesterday – I got rid of a lot of baggage. Not the physical hunks of clothing/past mementos/hoards of old frat t-shirts, but the electronic kind. And you know, I’m feeling pretty great about it!

My goal for the past week has been ridding myself of all of the messages, pins, emails, “remember this” stuff that I’ve been holding onto and letting overwhelm me. So, I cleared out my inbox, filed away the important stuff, and got the nice little note from Gmail saying “No New Mail!”


My work email is another big task, but I think I’ve shrunk it down from about 8000 to 3000 emails in the past week. And pinterest, well… that is going to be cleaned up to. I have around 1700 pins and 2000 likes, because pinterest owns me and I want to make everything I see but have none of the time to do so. With that, deleting pins is my big thing, so anything not totally awesome and worth some time is going!

This will definitely be my goal for the month of February – I need time to process through all of the data!

Have you ever had an inbox zero? What are your organizational goals for your internet life this year? Any pinterest tips I could use?


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