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Welcome to the Breakfast Club

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I’m pretty sure the Breakfast Club is about some students sitting in detention on the weekend but… apparently my spin instructor for last night used it as a “Good Job” after sprints. Everytime he would yell “Welcome to the Breakfast Club” after sprints, I couldn’t help but suck in a gulp of air just to laugh at how ridiculous he sounded. I’m completely confused and was really just waiting to hear what he said next. I also wanted to lean over and ask the girl next to me if she thought this was strange too, but she didn’t look like a word was coming out of her. First timer, don’t worry, I know how that feels. It blows.

So, the man, who called himself Marco Polo (I should have taken this as a sign) led a fairly easy and weird spin class last night. Guess that is why I don’t go on Tuesdays… The fact that he was rocking a beer belly didn’t help me legitimize his workout in my head either. Even all the problems with the class still left me looking like I did some work. Fans would be a really good idea in that closed off area.


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