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Personal Training (Crying Bank Accounts)

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Oh I was so naive!! When I moved to Atlanta, I thought I was making great money (because, really, I just left college and had no understanding of it), but in reality I was average, normal, and shouldn’t really indulge in everything. Well, being a health nut what did I think would be a good idea? Joining a gym. Ok, good.

Well, apparently the automatic deduction from my account each month wasn’t enough. I wanted more to be ripped from my savings, so I signed up for personal training classes.

Word of advice – DO NOT EVER DO THIS! Unless you really have no idea how to workout or strain your body with weights. If that is the case, go to a class and trust me, that’ll be sufficient. There have been plenty of nights crying over the chunk of change taken out the 10th of each month like clockwork, and I put myself in a corner by signing up for a full year!!

Well the good thing is this small slice of self being chopped off each month has ended, and I have half of the sessions still left over. I think going to sessions made me more mad than happy or accomplished, so I wanted to avoid them. Logical, I know. Luckily my trainer that I’m not paying for each month now is awesome, and I’m looking forward to ending this mistake with him.

Fun fact: I could have become a certified Personal Trainer with the money I spent on one. Wouldn’t have that investment made a lot more sense? And yes, becoming a PT is definitely on my list of things to do!


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